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Reaching Out Into Life

Established in 1995, our school is thrilled about the places our alumni have gone, the things they have achieved and the people who they have become. Over the 20+ years of our school and particularly in the last 3 years since we have had students completing Year 11/12, our graduates are consistently achieving a very high rate of entry into university and trade courses. From engineering and science, nursing, architecture, educations and hospitality, at Casino Christian School students reach their potential and maximise their opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. 

We also believe that our students leave our school grounded in faith, maturing into adult life and with a wisdom that stands out amongst their peers.

Michael's Story

From Mrs Duff's Kindy Class to pioneering local industry, this is the story of CCS Alumni Michael Breeze.


Michael is currently midway through an Engineering, Heavy Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship working at a unique Coraki mechanical engineering firm -  6x6 Australia. The local company is a distinctive Australian firm which has pioneered new and innovative technology to convert 4WD vehicles to 6WD. This has application in adventure tourism, recreation and potentially with military vehicles. The work sees Michael go beyond the usual scope of the TAFE apprenticeship learning more skills and trade knowledge in this industry leading business.


Michael fully completed both his Primary and Secondary Schooling at CCS being among the first few to do so. He describes with warmth the homely feeling of Primary school, where “everyone knew everyone”. During his school days, he developed lifelong friendships and feels that that school laid great foundation for him.


During Secondary School Michael shares that the teachers were fair and relaxed, and created an environment where you “felt like you could go to them with a problem. They wanted to help.  You had to put the effort in… but they were a pretty supportive group.”


The advice from Michael for students today is to “enjoy school while you can.”  He felt as though he “took for granted being able to see friends every day,” and wished he’d studied harder in Maths, particularly Geometry.  School provides so many opportunities and sometimes students don’t value them as a much as they should.  “School gave me a safe environment to learn and grow.” “I’d put my kids through the school.”

More stories to come...

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