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Below is a summary of the CCS Enrolment Policy. For the full Policy please select the POLICY at the side of the page.

Casino Christian School welcomes applications for enrolment of students whose parents/guardians are seeking an education for their child/ren within a Christian community context, with the following provisos:

1. Because of the above philosophy of the school, it is desirable that for each student, at least one parent be consistently supportive of the Christian perspective as embraced by the school. We stress the need for children to be receiving regular scriptural instruction through the youth activities and worship services of the family's church fellowship, and furthermore, strongly encourage the family to be involved in a Christian fellowship as a family unit.

NOTE: Children from families without Christian parents may also be accepted for enrolment at the discretion of the Principal where the Principal is able to see that the parents have a great desire for Christian education for their children.

2. In all cases, the consent of both parents for the enrolment will be sought if at all possible. In situations where a parent has sole custody, enrolments may be accepted on that parent's wishes alone.


3. The enrolment at the school of all children in a family is encouraged.


4. The school seeks to provide equal opportunity for all applicants from families seeking a Christian education regardless of denominational affiliation providing that, the parents/guardians are in agreement with the school’s “Confession of Faith”, a copy of which is included in this policy.


5. A refundable enrolment bond is required from each family prior to the commencement of attendance by the student(s). The enrolment bond will be refunded when the last student leaves the school subject to all tuition fees and other charges being paid in full and all school property has been returned in good condition.


6. If a student is absent without explanation for a period of two school weeks, the student’s enrolment at the school will be discontinued, and the Home School Liaison Officer for the district will be contacted regarding the student’s discontinued enrolment. 

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