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Welcome to Junior Secondary Online Learning

Hi Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to the Online platform for Junior Secondary (7-10) at Casino Christian School.


COVID-19 has meant many changes to how we deliver our educational programs, but it has not changed our objective of providing quality learning to all of our students. To this end, Casino Christian School will be delivering learning throughout High-School via this online platform. 

Again, we want to reassure you that your child will still be receiving a quality education during this time. Please understand that all our staff are working extremely hard to meet the needs of our community and to ensure your child does not miss out on anything they need to complete their learning.


If you have any questions you can contact me at school or via email on


Thanks for your understanding and patience during the transition to Online Learning. 



Ben Prozinski

Junior Secondary Co-ordinator

Prozinski, Benjamin.jpg

How we will deliver the curriculum to our on and off-campus students.


Google Classroom

All junior secondary classes will be utilising Google Classrooms.Students have been sent, or shortly will be sent invitations to join these classrooms. Once students have accepted the invitations, parents/guardians will then be sent invitations to join too. As parents/guardians accept the invitations they will be able to keep track of their child's learning.

Work outlines, assessments, learning tasks, video teaching and communications are all facilitated by the Google Classroom app. A number of classes and teachers have already been utilising this app and have found it to be an effective learning resource. 

Some subjects with a considerable practical component will be scaled back to focus on the theoretical elements of the curriculum till such time as normal classes resume. The Google Classrooms for these subjects will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Please contact the specific teachers via email if you have questions about this.  

CCS Youtube Channel

Our school now has a youtube channel. As teachers make instructional videos they will be uploaded and accessible to parents and students. You will be made aware of these videos via email or through Google Classroom as they are posted. 

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Emailing and Phone Calls

You will continue to receive regular emails from teachers and school staff. Email remains a great form of communication between home and school. Teachers will be available during regular school hours to correspond with you and help work through any questions and academic concerns you may have. Please be mindful that:

1. Teachers do their utmost to reply to emails promptly, but as they also have face to face learning commitments they are not always available immediately. 

2. It is expected that parents, teachers and students show courtesy, understanding and respect when emailing and calling. 

3. Where possible it is requested that emails be sent during office hours 8am - 6pm on weekdays as this is when teachers are best able to reply. If you email outside this times please understand that you may not get a response till regular operating hours. 

ZOOM interactive lesson streaming

Over the coming weeks we will be looking at options relating to interactive online streaming of lessons via the Zoom App. Senior Secondary classes have commenced lesson streaming and we will be looking at the viability of rolling this out to more classes. Our Yr 9 and 10 Maths and English classes will be prioritised when and if we roll out this resource. 

When you are advised that your child's classes are ready to be live streamed they can simply join a meeting online. 

Technical Support

If you are having technical difficulties please email and our support team will assist you. 

What if I do not have internet access or a computer/tablet at home?

If you do not have stable internet access or are limited with devices at home, teachers will prepare Learning Resources Packs with all the relevant information and resources your child will need. 

You need to:

  • Inform the office that you will require a Learning Resource Pack (if you haven't already done so)

  • Come to the school office from 12pm Monday 30th March to collect the packs. 

Please note that for at least for the remainder of Term 1 and likely into Term 2 our doors at school are open and students are still able attend. However the most recent advise from the NSW Government is that where possible, students should stay at home

We are exploring alternate ways for home and school to interact for students with limited internet and limited access to devices. Please be aware that the government rules are changing regularly and we continue to adapt as needed to comply with all restrictions and guidelines. 

Who to Contact

Year 7 

Maths           Ben Boland and Rhonda Zeiler

English         Walter Juozapaitis and Kendal Bryant

Science        Sarah McLeod

History          Jason Prozinski and Walter Juozapaitis

Geography   Walter Juozapaitis and Kendal Bryant

Music            Mark Wade and Peter Lee

Art                 John Woolley

PDHPE          Peter Young

MTE               Peter Young and Kendal Bryant


Year 8

Maths            Peter Lee

English          Walter Juozapaitis

Science         Sarah McLeod

HSIE              Jason Prozinski

Music            Peter Lee

French           Shanelle Puph

Art                 John Woolley

PDHPE          Peter Young

MTE              Rhonda Zeiler



Year 9 

English             Walter Juozapaitis

Maths               David McPherson and Rhonda Zeiler

Science            Peter Lee

HSIE                 Jason Prozinski

PDHPH             Peter Young


Year 10

English              Ben Prozinski

Maths                Karen Jolliffe and Rhonda Zeiler

Science             Ben Boland

History               Jason Prozinski

Geography        Kendal Byrant

PDHPE               David McPherson




PASS                  David McPherson

IST                      Mark Wade

Food Tech          Shanelle Pugh

Child Studies      Shanelle Pugh

Timber Tech       Col Byrant

Agriculture          Kendal Byrant

Automotive         Col Byrant

Art                      John Woolley

Music                 Mark Wade

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