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Dear Parents,

Whilst it is recognised that explicit face-to-face learning with a teacher is best practise in Australia, the current situation requires us to change the way we do things for an unknown time. During this time, I will be endeavouring to provide you with the best options for working collaboratively online to ensure all students are able to continue making progress whilst receiving sound teaching and instruction until things return to normal.

Each week I will load an overview of the weeks learning, which will be available on the tab above. This is the key document you will need to have each week. These activities will require parental supervision, but are designed to be activities or resources we have done in class already that students will be familiar with. I have also short cut below some of the key resources or sites that we will use regularly, and these links will also be in the document above for ease of navigation. Worksheets, and other documents that are needed will be emailed through the school email system, so please look out for them in your inbox. Other things may be added to this page from time to time as they become necessary or are updated. 

I will also post videos of myself teaching or demonstrating skills, and these will be available for your child to watch and/or join in with. It is a great way for parents to see and understand what we have been learning and will continue to build on. Please see the links either in the Weekly Online sheet or below.

Please note, that these activities really need to be done daily to keep the learning fresh and recent every day. This is a key way in which children learn at this age, so doing all the work in one day can actually be detrimental to a deeper or long lasting understanding. 

I would suggest that you try and set aside 60 - 90 mins for the Numeracy activities and 60 - 90 mins for the Literacy activities each day with breaks in between. The time needs may vary, and as you become more familiar with the activities, websites and needs of your child you may find you need less. Doing more is great too! If they want to!

I am always contactable by email, and will be sending regular emails home throughout this time. I am also hoping to arrange phone calls, by appointment times, to make sure I can be available to your family individually, to check on your child’s progress and answer any questions you may have. I am also hoping people can take some photos and email me back some photos of your child’s work each week so I can keep track of their progress.

This is a new phase for us all, but please know that I am committed to your child’s education and am looking forward to this opportunity for parents and students to work even more closely together as we navigate these difficult times. I will definitely miss seeing their faces every day but hope to keep in community with you all the best way I can.


Yours sincerely,


Faith Hull

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