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Playing and socialising is an important part of a child's development. At CCS we ensure that at lunchtime and break times students have engaging, safe opportunities to play, socialise and enjoy themselves. 

Throughout the week there are a numerous opportunities in the playground. 

We have a passive playground held in the Library, three days a week, where students can enjoy playing with board games, lego, read books, use computers, draw or colour in. 

Lunchtimes are often filled with sport team training which, depending on the season include Touch Football, Soccer, Netball or Volleyball.

We have separate Primary and Secondary Play Zones, which include two shaded Playgrounds, undercover zones often used for handball, and grassy ovals. 

During the Semester Two when our Transition Students are at school we implement a Buddy System between older Primary Students and Transition Students, 

Our goal is always to provide safe, bully-free zones, for all students with dynamic opportunities during lunchtimes, 

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