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We recognise that students all have different ways of thinking and learning, and musical intelligence is recognised as being important in a child’s overall development.


Involvement in music programs is known to increase self-esteem, and enhance a child’s understanding of the world around them and their place in it. The benefits flow across many areas of their learning.

  • Compulsory from Kindergarten to Year 8, available as an Elective subject Years 9 – 12.

  • Students have the opportunity to be a part of our school band program. 

  • Music tutors in piano, brass, drums, guitar and singing attend the school to teach private lessons.

  • We provide regular opportunities for students to perform and be apart of various musical items and groups.

The school owns a range of instruments that are hired to students. This enables them to experience a range of instruments while keeping the cost to a minimum for parents.

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