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Our Vision:

To see parents, church and school working together to educate children from a Christian perspective, and so equip them to live lives that are honouring to Christ.

Established in 1995, as a ministry of the Presbyterian Church, Casino Christian School remains strongly committed to its cores values of Knowledge, Grace and Wisdom in the light of the Gospel.  


The holistic approach to Christian education at Casino Christian School means that we deliver the best educational outcomes for each student by focusing on the whole person. Through this approach, we equip young people for God-honouring and fulfilling lives.


Within the beautiful Richmond Valley, we offer a unique Kindergarten to Year 12, whole-family, schooling opportunity. We invite prospective families to take advantage of our quiet, semi-rural setting where students enjoy the benefits of consistency and stability throughout their schooling.


The vision for our school is based on Christian community and a sense of belonging. Our goal is to see parents, church and the school work together in genuine partnerships. Together we nurture students to help them discover and use their God-given gifts and abilities.


At Casino Christian School, it is our privilege to watch our students transform to mature young people who are confident and ready to embrace life beyond our doors. Growing through quality Christian education into maturity of knowledge and grace gives students the highest expectation to be ready to meet the challenges of the future and rise to the opportunities of adult life.  

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