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There have been some recent updates to our Technology Policies. Here is the updated Acceptable Use Policy. 

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Our school aims to promote educational excellence by providing access to a variety of computing devices, the internet, email and online communication facilities to support student learning, enhance instruction and facilitate access to resources. To maintain the integrity of our network and to provide a collaborative online environment, we need to make sure that all students understand what acceptable use is. All students must obtain parental permission and must sign and return this form to the school office.


Any student requiring a personal laptop or device to use at school, whether in class use or not, must seek permission from their relevant coordinator. Permission will only be granted if the student has a specific need and the device forms part of their Individual Education Plan. A separate BYOD policy form must be signed and returned to the school before the device is allowed. Note: Senior students will only need to sign this form and the BYOD form without a letter to the principal.


Access to the Internet will enable students to explore thousands of libraries and databases and to use online communication tools to collaborate with peers and others within their community.  The benefits to students, in the form of information resources and tools to enhance educational experiences are substantial. Parents should be warned that some material accessible via the internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Therefore, supervision will be a top priority.

The detail set out in in this policy alerts students to the kinds of use that will NOT be permitted or tolerated in the school environment.  Students who are found engaging in any of these activities can lose access rights to the computers, internet and/or school email.  Casino Christian School reserves the right to set and convey the standards that students should follow when using the computer network or online communication in general, and media and information services.


Unacceptable use of the Internet or computer facilities will result in the suspension or revoking of access privileges.  The use of the network is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused.


It is expected that students will comply with school standards and will honour the agreements they have signed. The ICT Coordinator may review files and communication (emails) to maintain system integrity and ensure that students are using the system responsibly.  Users should not expect that files stored at school will be private as all files resident on the school network are considered to belong to the school.



The students have the privilege:

  • to have access to information from outside sources which facilitate learning and enhance educational opportunities.

  • to have secure access to these services as part of their learning environment 



Students will:

  • ensure that communication through internet and other network or online services is related to learning at all times

  • never use chat rooms or other social media sites such as Facebook

  • never share passwords or network/email account details with another person

  • always use secure passwords that meet the minimum requirements

  • log off at the end of each session to ensure a secure learning environment

  • never send, receive, store or display:

    • unacceptable or unlawful material, including offensive, abusive or discriminatory comments

    • sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material or correspondence

    • false or defamatory information about a person or organisation

  • never knowingly initiate or forward emails containing:

    • a computer virus or attachment that is capable of damaging computers or the other devices.

    • Spam such as unsolicited advertising material or chain letters

  • never use a computer to upload or download files which may be of a potentially damaging nature e.g. virus, malware

  • never harass, insult or attack others

  • never use the network for, or in support of, illegal activity.

  • never damage or disable computers, computer peripherals or computer networks

  • never gain unauthorised access to the network including Wi-Fi

  • never gain unauthorised access to other user files or vandalise the data of another user

  • never use private email (not school related) while at school

  • never intentionally waste internet resources (e.g. watch online movies/music)

  • to ensure that personal use is kept to a minimum and that the school network, email and internet are primarily used for educational purposes. Use of unauthorised apps, intentionally listening to music or playing games is not permitted.

  • never use their own device or school devices during recess, lunch or before or after school without teacher permission



Students will:

  • ensure the privacy and confidentiality is maintained by not disclosing or using any information that is not within the guidelines of the school’s policies

  • never reveal personal information including names, addresses or phone numbers of other students or staff members without their explicit permission



Students will:

  • never plagiarise information and will observe appropriate copyright at all times, including acknowledging the author or source of any information used


Students will report:

  • any internet site accessed that is considered inappropriate or malicious

  • any user that intentionally damages computers, peripherals or network equipment 


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