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Secondary School

Building Resilient, Self-Motivated Learners

Secondary School is a time of developing:

  • Christian faith and values

  • Resourcefulness

  • Resilience

  • Confidence in a changing world

  • Leadership potential


During these first years of Secondary schooling each child is encouraged to discover their God-given potential, developing work and study habits vital for their senior schooling years.

At Casino Christian School we seek to teach all subjects from a Christian perspective, with a varied curriculum of core subjects in Secondary School along with a range of electives which enable students to make more informed decisions about Senior School subject choices.


Current Year 9/10 elective subjects are Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Woodwork, Automotive, Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS), Child Studies, Food Technology, and IPT (Information Processing Technology).

The professional commitment of our Secondary School staff to a learning environment of community and Christian values is second to none. Teachers are highly invested in their students educationally and emotionally, supporting them in their faith, creating an environment where students and teachers can work closely together. This in turn creates a culture where our students can achieve very strong academic results. The size of our school allows for a diverse range of opportunities while providing an environment of care for each student.

The school/home relationship is critical for a strong learning environment for students. Working as partners – parents in close dialogue with staff – develops the best educational outcomes for students. Parents are always welcome in the school and we value the contribution they make to our community.

Development of a group identity for Year 7 students is a key part of transition from Primary to High School. In Year 6 we work very closely with the Primary School for the smooth transition of students. Away from their usual classroom situation they develop collaborative group skills, giving opportunities that allow them to see themselves and teachers in a different light. 

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Purple Gradient Circle

"I love how we can

come here ready to

learn, without all the distractions."    


- CCS Student

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Green Circle

"It’s a privilege being able to see students grow from Years 7 – 12 and face whatever task or challenge is before them. At Casino Christian School we want students to develop faith, and go into the world to share the gospel, supported by a quality education that prepares them for a life of service."

- Principal

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