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Pink Gradient Circle

"The best thing about

Transition is watching the

children flourish and become comfortable in the school environment. It's great watching their love of learning and friendships develop."    

- Transition Teacher 

Green Circle

"My kids loved

coming to Transition.

It gave them a sense of the school community and

made a relaxed and

happy start to Kindy"


- Transition Parent

Transition to School
Nurturing Growing Minds, preparing for Kindergarten

The Transition to School Program fosters student friendships, develops their sense of community and belonging and helps students adjust to changes experienced when starting Kindergarten.

The program encourages students to engage positively with the school environment, giving them confidence and excitement about being at school.


Our Program allows students to learn classroom routines, build a relationship with their teacher and peers, and generally prepare them for the next stage of their learning. We find that students who have undertaken the Transition to School Program begin Kindergarten, calm, confident, ready to achieve their best and be happy at school.


Our Transition to School Program is for students in the year before they commence Kindergarten and is a part of our early learning initiatives. 

Students who enrol for Kindergarten are invited to attend one day a week in Term 3 and 4 for FREE.

Available Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm


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