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Year 3


Hello Everyone,


Thank you for joining us in the world of online learning. We are in this together and will work to keep the students up to date with the latest learning happening in the classroom. 


The above link shows a Weekly Learning Plan that demonstrates an outline of the learning that will be expected over the week. Our focus is on Literacy and Numeracy. Below are the website links that allow you to access content that is set out in the weekly plan. 


I will also be available for you to contact me via email as you need, so please do not hesitate to say hello. Students also have an email address and are able to contact me via this if they would like to keep in touch. I will be in contact with you to try and support you as much as possible. 


I am praying for everyone in this scenario and that we stay safe and look after one another. 


May God bless you, 

Rachel Jones 

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