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About Casino Christian School - Our Vision and values

About Casino Christian School

Principal’s Message – Faith Hull Principal

Casino Christian School is a school like no other! Set on a beautiful rural landscape, it is a school where we offer parents a place that values academic excellence along with a culture that embraces each individual as a valued child of God. Our school’s vision is to honour Christ, build community and Grow in Grace and Knowledge. We show compassion, integrity, respect and responsibility. Above all, as a Christian school we seek to share Jesus with our students and the peace they can know, despite the many challenging circumstances of life, when we are reconciled with God through Christ.

Christian Schooling – Our Vision And Values

But what does that actually look like? What do we do as a school? Firstly, we teach our students through a Biblical Worldview. Think about it like wearing a pair of glasses that focuses how we see, interact and know the world around us, the people in our lives, and the relationship we can have with Jesus. It means we don’t just talk about Jesus at our Assemblies or Bible Classes but embed it into every facet of daily school life. This is what truly makes Christian schooling different.

Secondly, we believe in quality over quantity in our classes. We offer small, capped size classes, and teach from a well-researched and evidence-based pedagogy – the Explicit Teaching Model. It means we show, demonstrate and teach our students the skills and content first, then we work together to practise these skills and finally release students to work independently and solve problems. We know from the research and our data that this is the most effective way of teaching and our students have greatly benefited from this approach. Our team is always challenging themselves to develop their skills and support the students.

We also believe that behaviour is learnt and we must teach, model, show and encourage students to conduct themselves in a matter that honours themselves, their families, the school and the Christian Faith. We are actively building and developing a Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support Program (Our Vision Project) that recognises that students perform better when they are involved and know what is expected and how to achieve that, rather than being reactionary to negative behaviours. That being said, we recognise that students make mistakes and use these as opportunities to grow and develop their personal character, integrity and responsibility.

Our school teaches all the NESA governed curriculum, offers a comprehensive and wellbeing focused camp program, conducts many different excursions, lunchtime and enrichment opportunities and a comprehensive sporting program. We also have a School Counsellor and an extensive Learning Support team and strive to make every child feel a sense of belonging in our school community.

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Faith Hull

Faith Hull


Grow in grace and knowledge.

2 Peter 3:18