Our History

Our History - Casino Christian School Timeline

Our History Of Casino Christian School

Casino Christian School, located in North Casino, New South Wales, Australia, is a beacon of education and faith in the community. We have a rich history, marked by dedication to excellence in education and commitment to Christian values.

Our Foundation

The foundation of our school can be traced back to the late 19th century. The school was led by a committed teacher and had been operational for three years from 1884. By 1890, thanks to the efforts of the Sisters who started our school, we had grown to accommodate 40 students, many of whom resided in the boarding facilities provided.

Over the years, our institution has continued to grow and evolve, maintaining a steadfast focus on advancing education and religion. We’ve always been more than just a school; we’ve been a community dedicated to nurturing young minds and spirits.

In more recent times, our school has seen significant milestones. One such event was Remembrance Day ceremonies, demonstrating our commitment to honoring history and fostering a sense of respect and gratitude among our students.

Our journey so far has not only been about academic achievement but also about fostering a sense of community and belonging. Our Facebook community, for instance, is a testament to our vibrant and engaged school family, with regular updates reaching over 800 followers.

As we look towards the future, we remain committed to our foundational principles of advancing education and religion. We continue to strive for excellence, uphold our Christian values, and nurture our students to become responsible and compassionate citizens.

We are proud of our history and excited about what the future holds. As we continue to write new chapters in our story, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Together, we can continue to make Casino Christian School a shining example of faith-based education in our community.




School commenced operation with 55 pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6

Principal: Mr Peter Robinson


New Primary block was built, enabling Secondary schooling to begin

Principal: Mr Ern Case


Secondary School commenced


First graduating Year 10 class


Student numbers above 150

Principal: Mr Phil Johnson


Student numbers exceeded 200


Senior School commenced

Principal: Mr Neil Capps


Casino Christian School became an inclusive Kindergarten to Year 12 school

Principal: Mr Peter Spence


New Science Block opened

Principal: Mr Graeme Jolliffe


New Deputy Principal: Mrs Faith Hull

Principal: Mr Graeme Jolliffe


Principal: Mrs Faith Hull

We are thankful to God for all the families that have come here during the school’s history, for the journey so far and for the prospects of a bright future.

Grow in grace and knowledge.

2 Peter 3:18