Thrive Newsletter – Term 1 Week 6

Published: 07/03/2024

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Navigating School Refusal

As students grow and learn across the 13 years they are in formal education, they will experience many highs and lows. Just like adults, it’s crucial to address the various challenges that students may face in their educational endeavours as they occur. Issues can arise on many levels; academic, social, emotional and spiritual. At CCS we are committed to supporting our students, families, staff and communities as they navigate life during their time here and beyond. We seek to honour Christ, build community and grow in grace and knowledge.

One challenge that is increasing currently across all schooling sectors, especially since COVID-19, is reduced attendance and “school refusal”. This complex issue can significantly impact a student’s academic, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It usually is also very emotionally draining for parents, carers and siblings.

“School refusal” is generally characterised by a persistent reluctance or refusal to attend school, and is not uncommon in all educational settings across New South Wales (NSW). While the reasons behind school refusal can vary greatly from individual to individual, understanding its underlying root causes and providing appropriate support are essential steps toward fostering a positive learning environment for all students.

Attendance tracking, reporting and plans to improve student attendance (both individually and as a school) are now government mandates, and we are required to report when student attendance falls below a certain point. Even more importantly, each day a student is away represents a significant building block or rung on the ladder of learning. These gaps make it more and more difficult for students to feel confident and successful at school, and this only further increases the risk of increased disengagement.

As educators and caregivers, it’s vital to recognise that school refusal may stem from various factors, including academic stress, social anxiety, family issues, mental health concerns, or spiritual struggles. We see this anecdotally in both our school and our wider schooling community regularly.

People sometimes ask us how do we fix this? And the answer is, there is no easy answer! Students are individuals, and therefore the answer is unique for each student. However, identifying what is underneath the anxiety is the important first step. Often it is not about school itself, but other more complex fears, anxieties or deep-rooted childhood issues.

As a school, we try and maintain an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their concerns and struggles openly. Our new Wellbeing Lesson and Wellbeing Team seek to foster and encourage honest dialogue about any difficulties they may be facing, including those related to their emotions, academics, Christian walk or social interactions online and in person. Early intervention seems to be effective at reducing the effects to their learning and development.


Some other strategies include exploring alternative learning arrangements, such as flexible scheduling, or personalised academic plans, to accommodate students’ individual needs and circumstances. “Soft Starts” or regular daily check-ins with a staff member or our beloved Onyx are also quite useful tools in this space. Trying someone new bringing the student to school or changing how the student travels to school can also be useful in trying to build more positive mindsets and new neural pathways for students.


Overall collaboration is key to success. Working closely with parents and guardians to understand the root causes of school refusal, and developing tailored intervention strategies that address the unique needs of each student is essential. Building a strong partnership between home and school is a key step for supporting students effectively.


Most importantly, we recognise that a strong foundation built in Jesus ultimately is the truest source of peace. The Bible talks about the peace that surpasses understanding, that transcends situation or location. On a practical note, we also recognise the importance of supportive and pre-emptive evidence-based mental health support strategies to promote Christ-centered well-being among students. We encourage students to draw upon the strength of Jesus as the never-ending source of strength and resilience in overcoming obstacles.


Lastly, as a school, we recognise this is an emerging crisis in education. As such, four key members of our Executive team are committed to attending different professional development opportunities this year to further develop tools, supports and processes from leading experts in this field. I look forward to sharing more about this at a later date.

The reality is that this is a complex, multifaceted and increasingly difficult space for students, parents, schools and families to navigate and we wish to support our families as much as we can in this area. Please reach out to us at any time so that we can support you and your family. It takes a village and we want to partner with you for the best outcomes for your child; academically, emotionally, socially and of course with Jesus at the centre.

Mrs Faith Hull



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Uniform Shop

Please find the updated uniform order form in the attachment below.  The main changes are the price of school hats:

Primary Hats  $15

Secondary Hats $12

Uniform shop hours are:

Mondays 8-11

Wednesdays 1-4

Uniform orders can be made at any time via the School Stream app or by filling out the uniform order form and returning it to school.

Uniform Order Form – February 2024

Important School Updates 

Pick Up & Drop Off 

Parents and carers are requested to drop off and pick up students in the designated visitor car parking area while coming to the school. Buses are only allowed in the bus bay area. To enter and exit the school, please use the gated entry that leads to the car park. This is to ensure the safety of our students and visitors. When coming to the school parents/carers must drop off and pick up students in the visitor car parking provided.  At all times buses are only permitted in the bus bay area.  Please also use the gated entry to enter and exit the school to the car park.  This is for the safety of our students and visitors.


Christian School Bus Travel

Bus Code of Conduct forms

If your child catches one of our CCS busses, you should have recently received a pink, yellow or purple Code of Conduct form.  Please complete this form and hand it into the school office as soon as possible.  If you have not received one don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office.

Can my child catch a CCS Bus for one-off travel?

Our Casino Christian School’s Lismore, Fairy Hill and Kyogle buses are currently operating at full capacity with our registered students who catch these buses each day. Therefore, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any extra one-off travellers on these buses as we may have done in the past.

To clarify, the Lismore, Fairy Hill, and Kyogle buses are only for those students who are already registered to catch these buses to their home addresses. There should not be any swapping of buses or one-off travel.

We appreciate your cooperation with this decision as we adhere to our Child Safety and Insurance obligations. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school via phone or email.


Primary Uniform

Primary sports uniform


CANTEEN HELPERS ARE NEEDED URGENTLY! Are you available tomorrow, Friday 8th March?? If you are we would love to hear from you!
Give us a call in the office on 6662 5599 or email
Our Canteen Manager Jody is seeking helpers for Friday’s if you are keen to assist even one Friday a term you would be greatly appreciated by our students and staff!
To volunteer at school all that is required is a Working With Children Check and for our Volunteer Form to be completed.
You can easily apply for a FREE Volunteer WWCC at this link
and download and complete our Volunteer Form at this link…/b9644f91-0a60…
Canteen Helpers

Library News

Scholastic Book Club Issue 2 orders are due back at the school office or online by Friday 22 March.  Ordering is easy!  Simply click on this link  create an account and start ordering. 

Orders are delivered to the school. 

bcob 12      bcob 13


Sports News

Zone Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to our  Zone Swimming Team!  We had a record number of Primary and Secondary students attend Coffs Harbour on Tuesday, everyone swam their best effort with fantastic results.  Well done to the following students who have qualified for the State Swimming Carnival in Sydney.

Torah Coughran – 14-year-old girls

  • 50m Breaststroke

Taylor Hancock – 13 year old girls

  • 200m Individual Medley
  • 50m Fly
  • 100m Freestyle
  • 50m Freestyle
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 50m Backstroke

Patrick Murphy – 15-year-old boys

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 50m Breaststroke

We look forward to celebrating your results from State in the upcoming weeks!

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Zone Touch Football

On Tuesday, the 5th of March, we proudly sent four teams from primary and secondary schools to compete in the Zone Touch Football Competition at Ballina. It was an exciting tournament, featuring a round-robin format where each team had the opportunity to play four to five games.

Prior to the competition, our Primary teams had the privilege of participating in a coaching clinic, aimed at further enhancing their skills and helping them perfect their game.

Despite the heavy showers of rain, which failed to dampen our spirits, the day was truly fantastic. Every member of our teams displayed remarkable dedication and performed to the best of their abilities, showcasing their talent and love for the sport.

Our Open Girls team, in particular, exhibited admirable skills and teamwork, with extra support from several under 15s players who graciously agreed to play in a higher grade. It was a proud moment for our team as they reached the finals, securing a commendable 4th place finish.


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      IMG 7529 scaled     IMG 20240305 094854019 scaled

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Upcoming School Events

Week 4th – 8th March

  • Zone Touch Football Ballina
  • Primary Assembly – Friday 8th March 9 am
  • NAPLAN 13-25th March 

Week 7  11th – 15th March

  • NAPLAN 13-25th March
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Thursday 14th March 
  • Secondary Assembly – Friday 15th March 11.10 am

Week 8  18th-22nd March

  • Naplan 13th – 25th March
  • Kindergarten Information Night – 20th March 6.30 pm

Week 9   25th-29th March

  • Year 7 Information Night – Tuesday 26th March 
  • Secondary State Swimming –  Tuesday 26th March Sydney
  • Easter Holiday – Friday 29th March – No School

Kindergarten Information Night
Year 7

Community Events

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