Casino Christian School Bus Conduct

Published: 22/02/2024
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Bus Code of Conduct

If your child catches one of our CCS busses, you should have recently received a pink, yellow or purple Code of Conduct form.  Please complete this form and hand it into the school office as soon as possible.  If you have not received one don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office.

Can my child catch a CCS Bus for one-off travel?

Our Casino Christian School’s Lismore, Fairy Hill and Kyogle buses are currently operating at full capacity with our registered students who catch these buses each day. Therefore, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any extra one-off travellers on these buses as we may have done in the past. 

To clarify, the Lismore, Fairy Hill, and Kyogle buses are only for those students who are already registered to catch these buses to their home addresses. There should not be any swapping of buses or one-off travel.

We appreciate your cooperation with this decision as we adhere to our Child Safety and Insurance obligations. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school via phone or email.




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