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Published: 08/02/2024
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Book Club News:

Scholastic Book Club Issue 1 catalogues have gone home this week.   Orders are due by 16.02.2024.  Payment of cash or EFTPOS can be made at the School Office on or before the due date to avoid disappointment. Please include the Order Form with payment.

Parents wishing to pay by credit card need to go to Scholastic’s website and order through their LOOP platform.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Book Club

Out of Class time use:

We have a wonderful Library which we would like to encourage all our students to use in their free time.  The Library is open 4 days – Monday to Thursday when our Library staff member is available.

High School students are welcome to borrow books and use the computers for research or assignment work at Recess and Lunch (Monday to Thursday).

Primary School students can come in at Lunch (Monday to Thursday) to borrow books, but they must bring their Library Bag.

New books are now on display and I encourage all students to come down in their break times and have a look.  All the usual Library rules apply.  Courtesy to others at all times is expected.

NO eating inside the Library.  No excessive loud noise.  No running or being silly.  No feet on the Library furniture.  Lounges, ottomans, tables and chairs are provided so there is no need to sit in between the shelves.

Care is to be taken while using the computers.

Lending Rules:

Students have a loan limit of 3 books and a loan period of 2 weeks.  Students requiring a longer loan time may re-borrow books by bringing them in and checking them out again for a further 2 weeks.  Usually 2 weeks before school holidays commencing students aren’t allowed to borrow.

Reminder to all students:

When returning a book please place in the RED RETURN BOX provided which is located just inside the Library door.  This enables your borrowed books to be scanned back into our Library.  This will prevent books being returned to the shelves unprocessed and eliminate the problem of returned books still checked out in your name.

Passive Playground:

Passive Playground is an initiative to provide students with a different way of engaging with one another socially and enjoying activities that facilitate problem solving, sharing, communicating etc. We have seen older senior students engaging with younger Primary students playing games and solving puzzles together etc.  This offers a structured play environment (not very quiet) but lots of fun!! The students play a range of board games, Uno and Lego. They also can colour in and read. The choice is theirs. Passive Playground is on every lunchtime the Library is open from 1.00 – 1.40 pm.

If anyone has some unwanted games or Lego they would like to donate, please contact the school office.

Thank you.


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