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Year 6 Online

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Greetings and welcome to Year 6 Online.


My intention is to send you a daily plan outlining the work in Literacy and Numeracy each morning. It will include a combination of compulsory and additional activities for your child to complete.


I believe it is reasonable at this point to expect students to allocate two hours each day to complete this work. Our regular Homework schedule will pause until further notice. I will be contactable by email each day (or by phone if absolutely necessary) and will respond as quickly as I can. Work can be completed and submitted electronically through the program we use for each subject, or you can still do a written piece of work, take a photo of it, and email it to me.


Communication is the key.


Mr Choake

We are rolling out interactive live streaming to more classes. You will be notified how and when this applies Year 6. 

You can either download the ZOOM app or join a meeting online. You can access the join meeting link using the button below. 

As a school we do not recommend that students sign up for an account. They can simply join a meeting by using a login code and pin. This will provided to them by their teacher in an email before each scheduled meeting.

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