Swimming Carnival Report

Published: 22/02/2024
Tags: Sport

Record breakers unite!

What a great turnout of swimmers at the new Casino pool for our annual swimming carnival. The teams cheered loudly to support their swimmers and the battle of the houses began.

The final scores were Liddell: 329 points Elliot: 281 points Taylor: 184 points making Liddell the champions this year!

Our young students new to the carnival enjoyed the 25m races to gain points for their house and the seniors put on a tasty BBQ to re-energise the swimmers.

We congratulate all the swimmers and all the record breakers listed below.

Taylor Hancock (Secondary)
– 13 years 100m Freestyle
– 13 years 50m Butterfly
– 13 years 50m Backstroke
– 12-14 years 200m Individual Medley
– 13 years 50m Breaststroke
Angus Gibson (Secondary)
– 17 years 100m Freestyle
– 17 years 50m Butterfly
– 17 years 50m Freestyle
– 17 years 50m Backstroke
– 17 years 50m Breastroke
Carissa Rixon (Primary)
– 8-10 years 100m Freestyle
– 8-10 years 200m Individual Medley
Dean Jarrett (Primary)
– 11 years 50m Butterfly
Bella Mines-Salvat (Primary)
– 12 years 50m Butterfly
Abby Bower (Secondary)
– 14 years 50m Breastroke
Jack Rixon (Primary)
– 11 years 200m Individual Medley
Congratulations to our swimming Age Champions for 2024:
Junior Primary Girl: Carissa Rixon
Junior Primary Boy: Jack Gibson
Senior Primary Girl: Bella Mines-salvat
Senior Primary Boy: Jack Rixon
Junior Secondary Girl: Taylor Hancock
Junior Secondary Boy: Jarrod Rixon
Intermediate Secondary Girl: Josephine Gibson
Intermediate Secondary Boy:  Patrick Murphy
Senior Secondary Champion: Angus Gibson

We look forward to sharing the Zone Carnival results from our swimmers in a few weeks time!


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